7 Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews

Having a dog at home has become a requirement for many home owners. Dogs are perfect pet companions that bring joy and laughter to the home. Family members can play with the dog during weekends improving on pet and owner bonding.

Despite them being the best companions, they need to be trained. Traditional training methods take months to even a year in order to have the dog perform commands as instructed. According to best dog shock collar reviews, the collars helps to shorten the time of training thanks to different stimulation levels. Now, see the bellow given comparison chart before reading the individual reviews.

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SportDOG 425S

SportDog SD425 remote dog training collar reviews

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SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer

SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer-cheap shock collars

Editor Rating:

  • Using DryTek technology
  • Range- 300 yards
  • ​​Stimulation- 8 levels
  • Waterproof up to 25 feet
  • Low battery detect 
  • Best for small. medium & large dogs

SportDog SD-425 Shock Collar

SportDog SD425 remote dog training collar reviews

Editor Rating:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Range- 500 yard
  • ​​Stimulation- 7 levels
  • Includes PetsTEK clicker
  • Training manual & DVD
  • Best for small & medium dogs (8 pounds or larger) 

Aetertek At-219 Dog Shock Collar

Aetertek At-219 best dog shock collar

Editor Rating:

  • Adjustable TPU strap
  • Range- 1095 yards
  • Shock level: 0-10
  • Polyester Lithium battery
  • Submersible receiver
  • Best for medium & large dogs (size 15-150 lbs)


Before The Purchase

What is a dog shock collar?

This is a device that is designed with a strap that’s tied around the neck of a pet dog and delivers a small jolt of electricity to the neck. The intention of the dog shock collar also referred to as an ecollar is to help train the dogs and dissuade them from misbehaving. Others names include remote training collar or Zap collars.

How do dog shock collars work?

The ecollar has a small box that is fitted with two metal electrodes. The electrodes come into contact with the pet’s skin past its fur. To help train or manage your pet dog barking, you need to wrap the collar around the neck of your dog.

You can activate it using a remote control device and once done, it will send a jolt of electricity via the two electrodes close to the skin. Depending with the purpose you want the ecollar for, it will help you train and manage your pets barking and misbehavior.

Benefits of dog shock collars

Ensures management of the dog shock collar- The ecollar comes with a remote control device which has different settings. These settings can be used to vary the amount of electricity the electrodes will impart on the pet dog.

This is great as it prevents the use of too much force either when training or when managing the barking. The benefit of this is that it helps to deliver the right amount of electricity but also preventing unbalance and fear.

Delivers shock correction automatically- This feature helps greatly as it is useful when you are away from home. If you don’t want your pet dog to go past your fence, this feature can help to manage this. It can be set automatically on the remote control device and the owner can go about their duty.

Safe and proven tool- Ecollars have undergone several tests before being released into the market. Many people have used them and have been able to receive positive behavior from their pet dogs. This is only achievable when used in the correct manner following the laid down procedures.

Short training period- Unlike other methods used to train pet dogs and are known to take months, the ecollar when used can take less than a month. This displays how effective and result oriented the method is as the owner is assured of positive results within a short time. This prevents onset of aggressive behavior in the pet.

How to Choose the Best Dog Shock Collars?

Purchase dog shock collars according to the need- Shock collars have very many uses and some of them include training and managing the pet’s bark. As a pet owner, when selecting the best shock collar for dogs, you need to select according to its use. Do you want a collar to train your dogs how to hunt, one that manages its bark or one that keeps your dog within a perimeter fence? Make the right choice.

Waterproof collar and receiver- According to best shock collars review, your pet will pretty much play in the rain or with water with the collar on. To ensure that the blow collar does not shock the pet without receiving a proper trigger from the remote, it’s wise to shop for one that is water proof. This will ensure that its internal electrical components are safe and will continue working even when the dog comes into contact with water.

Range- Range is very important when it comes to using ecollars. It is needed especially when training your dogs to hunt or track. Having a collar and remote device that offers a 1 mile range is suitable to meet the training needs of a pet owner.

Stimulation levels- Today, you will find a remote device has the capability of projecting different levels of stimulation to the dog blow collar. This helps with any type of training or dog size you have. The more stimulation levels the collar has, the more it’s suitable for use in different circumstances.

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9 Top Rated Dog Shock Collars List

BrandRangeStimulationKey FeaturePrice
(Best Choice)
500 Yard7 levelsWaterproof
(Budget Choice)
1095 yards0-10 levelsAdjustable TPU strap
(Best Value)
300 yards8 levelsIncludes PetsTEK clicker
(Best Value 2)
1000 Meter Adjustable3 correctional methods
(Under $50)
330 yards0-100 Levels1 Year Warranty
(Under $100)
1000m 10 levelsSubmersible receiver
(Budget Choice 2)
660 yards16 Adjustable3 training modes
OutstandingPet 875 yard10 Levels1 year warranty
WIFLI® 450 yard16 LevelsBacklit LCD display


7 Dog Shock Collar Reviews


SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer

SportDog SD425 remote dog training collar reviews

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Editor Rating:

The SportDog 425S has the following specifications:

  • Comes with a remote transmitter and collar receiver.
  • Operating guide for beginners are available.
  • Charging adaptor is available to charge the rechargeable battery when it’s depletes.
  • A training whistle to improve on training and eliminate reliance on the ecollar only is available.
  • It weighs 1.8 pounds.

The SportDog SD-425 Shock Collar is designed for the everyday trainer. It comes with a remote transmitter and collar receiver suitable for training the pet. The transmitter offers a range of 500 yards which is perfect for training the dog outdoors. It weighs only 3.3 ounces which does not exact much weight on the dog’s neck. It is waterproof which protects the electrical components from damage.


  • The system comes with a complete remote transmitter and collar receiver.
  • It is waterproof up to a depth of 25 feet.
  • A whistle is available to improve on training.
  • The system comes with a training manual and DVD to help beginners and advanced users too.
  • It comes with a PetsTEK clicker which improves on positive reinforcement.


  • The battery recharging system can be disappointing as you have to remove the collar to charge it.
  • The 1.8 pounds weight of the collar can be a little heavy on young dogs.
  • It has 7 levels of stimulation compared to other models.

The SportDog 425 shock collar is the best choice for any pet owner. It comes with a training manual and DVD. A whistle and training clicker are part of the package to help train the dog. It is waterproof protecting the electrical components. All in all, the Sport dog 425 collar is a great investment and the best shock collar for small dogs and medium dogs.


SportDOG Brand YardTrainer 350

SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer-cheap shock collars

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Editor Rating:

You will like SportDOG SD-350 for the following Product Summary and Specifications-

  • According to this best dog shock collars review, this collar is designed to offer basic training plus versatility and ruggedness of an advanced dog trainer.
  • It offers a range of 300 yards which is useful for training and managing the pet.
  • It has eight levels of stimulation both continuous and momentary.
  • It has a tone feature which offers constant communication.
  • It weighs 1 pound and has the following dimensions – 3.9 by 7.7 by 9 inches.

The SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer come with a rechargeable system which ensures the power is available always. It offers a 300 yard range which is perfect for training the dog in different ways. It is waterproof up to 25 feet which is useful if you are training your dog to track and hunt. It has a low battery detect feature which warns the user allowing for recharging early. It is designed for dogs with a weight of 8 pounds and more. So this is also the best shock collar for large dogs.


  • The receiver and transmitter are waterproof to a depth of 25 feet.
  • It has a low battery detect feature which warns the user when the battery needs recharging.
  • 8 levels of stimulation are available.
  • The rechargeable battery system ensures power is available always.
  • It is designed for dogs weighing 8 pounds and more.


  • The battery recharging system can be disappointing if you are training the dog out in the field and not close to the house.
  • The range offered is not suitable for training a dog on a large open field.
  • You have to take the collar off in order to recharge.

The SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer is a great ecollar. It has useful features like waterproof receiver ad transmitter, 8 levels of stimulation, low battery indicator and operating guide. Using this SportDog yard trainer sd-350 is bound to provide the desired results.


Aetertek at-219 ​Review

Aetertek At-219 best dog shock collar

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Editor Rating:

You will like Aetertek At-219 Dog Shock Collar for the following features:

  • It has a built in 3.7 volt polyester Lithium battery.
  • It comes with a transmitter and remote device with antenna.
  • A charging adaptor is available to charge the battery.
  • One user manual is available to help beginners.
  • It weighs 1.2 pounds.

The Aetertek At-219 Dog Shock Collar receiver is waterproof and your dog can even swim in it without damaging the electrical components. It is multi-functional with shock, vibration and warning beeping tone capabilities. It has a range of 1095 yards which is equivalent to 1000 meters. It has 10 levels of stimulation with an LCD display that shows correction levels and dog mode. It is suitable for use among dogs weight 15 pounds to 150 pounds.


  • The transmitter has an easy to push button and LCD display making it user friendly.
  • The receiver is waterproof allowing the dog to swim with it.
  • The adjustable strap allows the collar to fit on dogs weighing between 15 pounds and 150 pounds.
  • It has multifunctional modes which include shock, vibration and warning beep tone.
  • Can be used as a 1 dog, 2 dog remote training collar.


  • The 6 month warranty offered is too short.
  • It comes with a user manual but no training manual or DVD like other models.
  • The remote turns off to save battery power which can be inconveniencing to the pet owner during training.

If you are looking for an blow collar with 10 stimulation levels, built in rechargeable battery, waterproof receiver, offers a range of 1000 meters, has multi-functional modes and LCD display, then you need to buy the Aetertek dog training collar. It’s a great e-collar for your pet dog.


Ounuo Dog Shock Collar (660yds)

Ounuo Dog Shock Collar Review

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Editor Rating:

You will like Ounuo Shock Remote Collar for the following features:

  • Has a training distance of 660 yards.
  • Transmitter and receiver are waterproof.
  • 2 hour rapid charge lithium-poly battery.
  • Contact points are coated with silicone material.
  • 3 training modes: Vibration, shock, and tone.

The Ounuo Dog Shock Collar is made for individuals who are simply looking for a competent, basic dog shock collar. The model has 3 different modes: tone, vibration and shock, with 16 adjustable levels of intensity. This collar is waterproof, so no worries if your pups love to play at the beach or poolside. The training range is wide, and up to 660 yards, but may be shorter when the dog is in the water. This collar is designed with RF434Mhz technology which adds to the ability to control 2 collared receivers at one time. The contact points are constructed from surgical stainless steel that are coated with skin friendly silicone. Overall, this model is perfect for the individual who is in the market for a simple, easy to use dog training device.

The transmitter is easy to use, with a button for each mode: tone, vibration and shock. The transmitters LCD screen keeps you informed of the training process. The ergonomic design of the transmitter is based on a classic, comfortable concave-convex design, so it is easy to grasp and hard to drop. If you are concerned about false operations, don't be, as this collar has a time out protection period for 10 seconds. The Ounuo Dog Shock Collar Remote Dog Training Collar comes with the transmitter, receiver, belt, charger, splitter cable, test light, dog whistle, contact point and neck strap. This collar comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee, a 1 year manufacturers warranty, and fits small to large size dogs. Customer service is also available for individuals who have questions during the training period.


  • 10 second time-out feature.
  • 660 yard range.
  • Can control up to 2 dogs.
  • Transmitter and receiver are rechargeable.
  • 3 modes: Tone, vibration and shock.


  • May not hold charge long enough for some users.
  • Intensity levels are too high.

The Ounuo Dog Shock Collar comes with 3 modes: Tone, vibration, shock and can easily train 2 dogs at once. The design is waterproof, and the transmitter and receiver are rechargeable with a rapid charging Li-Poly battery. A 660 yard remote training range is powered by advanced RF434Mhz technology. Contact points are covered by skin friendly silicone for added comfort. 10 second time-out function makes for safe operation. Ease of use make this model one people may look at if they are only interested in basic behavior modification techniques.


Aetertek Professional Dog Collar

Aetertek Professional Dog Electrc Collar Review

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Editor Rating:

You will like Aetertek Professional for the following features:

  • Anti-bark feature.
  • 3 correctional methods: Vibrate, beep, shock.
  • Useful for large, stubborn dogs.
  • 1 Kilometer remote range control.
  • Easy to read LCD display.

Sometimes we happen to fall in love with a large, strong and very active dog who has a mind of his or her own. If this is your situation, and you need a training device that can handle it, then the Aetertek Professional Dog Shock Collar might work for you. The Aetertek Professional Dog Collar, model 919C is suitable for those hard to train stubborn, large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Border Collies, Retrievers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs and Giant Schnauzers.

The Aetertek shock collar uses electromagnetic induction technology, 100 percent waterproof and has a large range of 1093 yards, or 1000 meters. The receiver and transmitter are both rechargeable. The transmitter has both rubber coated antenna and buttons to withstand usage. The receiver is waterproof, lightweight and rechargeable. This model comes with an auto anti-bark feature and multi-functional modes: shock, vibration, and tone. The easy to read LCD display keeps you informed of levels and modes. The adjustable TPU strap works for dogs up to 150 pounds. The Aetertek collars are certified to meet both USA and EU standards. This system comes complete with a transmitter, receiver, battery charger, test kit, correction prongs, dog collar strap, bag and usuer manual. This collar has a one year, unconditional manufacturers warranty.


  • Transmitter is easy to use and handle.
  • Can be used with 2 dogs.
  • Transmitter has durable, rubber coated antenna and buttons.
  • Rechargeable battery.

  • Excellent customer service available 24/7.


  • The collar can stretch and may come off.
  • Batteries need to be recharged often.

Aetertek Professional Dog Pet Shock Collar, model 919C is for medium to large dogs, and works well for stubborn dogs that bolt, yank on the leash or have trouble coming when called. This collar has 3 settings: Beep, vibrate and shock. The 919C has a built in auto no-bark feature. Easy to read LCD display and a 1 km range make this a great training device for walks, beaches and park visits. If you love that large, gorgeous dog with a spirited temperament, but need some help then we suggest this model can work well for you.


OutstandingPet LR-800M

OutstandingPet LR-800M best shock collar

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Editor Rating:

OutstandingPet LR-800M dog collar has the following features:

  • Has 10 levels of adjustable electrical stimulation and vibration mode.
  • The collar can be adjusted to 23 inches.
  • Come with a 1 year warranty.
  • It has an in-built Lithium ion battery.
  • It weighs 12.8 ounces.

The OutstandingPet LR-800M Dog Shock Collar offers power and reliability thanks to the built-in Lithium ion battery. It offers a range of 875 yards and utilizes both advanced low frequency and high distance radio technology. It is waterproof so its suitable for use outdoors come rain or sunshine. It has an active low battery indicator that warns the user when the battery requires charging.

Two modes are available – vibration and electrical stimulation with 10 progressive levels of remote adjustable correction. It is designed for dogs weighing 15 pounds to 150 pounds.


  • It is waterproof making it suitable for use outdoors.
  • It has a 1 year warranty.
  • 2 modes are available namely vibration and electrical stimulation with 10 progressive levels.
  • Utilises both advanced low frequency and high distance radio technology.
  • Has a range of 875 yards suitable for outdoor dog training.


  • The weight of 12.8 ounces can be heavy on young dogs.
  • It takes 3 hours to charge the battery of the receiver.
  • Does not have a tone feature.

The OutstandingPet LR-800M Dog Shock Collar as the name suggests is an outstanding ecollar for training your dog. It has a range of 875 yards, in-built Lithium ion battery, suitable for 15 pounds to 150 pound dogs, the receiver strap is adjustable and it’s waterproof. You can never go wrong when you buy the  Dog Shock Collar.


WIFLI® Remote Dog Collar 

WIFLI® dog shock collar reviews

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Editor Rating:

You may like the cheap shock collars for the following specifications:

  • The receiver weighs 15.2 ounces.
  • It comes with a backlit LCD display.
  • It comes with both the receiver and transmitter.
  • Has 3 training modes and 16 stimulation levels.
  • Has a built in rechargeable battery.

The WIFLI® Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is perfect for training your pet dog. It has 3 training modes and 16 stimulation levels that allow training of basic commands like sit, stay and shake.

The remote control device has easy to use buttons with an LCD display that is backlit and shows various dog modes. It is waterproof preventing damage to the receiver or unnecessary shocks to the pet. It has a lifetime replacement warranty against product defects assuring you of a long lifespan.


  • 3 training modes and 16 stimulation levels are available perfect for different training modes.
  • The lifetime replacement warranty against product defects ensures long lifespan.
  • Its waterproof which ensures the protection of the receiver.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Has 450 yard range offering you ample training space.


  • The collar has a weight of 15.2 ounces which is heavy compared to other models.
  • The 450 yard range is minimal and not suitable for training hunting dogs.
  • It is not an automatic dog barking collar.

The WIFLI® Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is not only designed for your pet but for the pet owner too. Its waterproof, rechargeable, has 3 training modes, 16 stimulation levels, has a range of 475 yards with an easy to use remote. You can never go wrong with the WIFLI® Remote Dog Training Shock Collar.


Finishing Part

Faqs about Shock Collar

1. How long does it take to remote train my dog?

If you train your dog for 10 minutes, twice in a day for a period of two weeks, you will experience tremendous changes in dog behavior within less than a month.

2. Do I have to remove the collar when charging?

Yes, you need to remove the collar when charging. This helps to avoid tethering your dog to the power socket and could lead to injuries to the dog in case the charger is removed unsafely.

3. Does the ecollar come with a training manual and DVD?

There are brands which offer training manual and DVD. If your model does not have one, you can simply inquire from the manufacturer via their support system.

4. Will the receiver hurt my dog?

The receiver is designed not to cause harm to the dog and its 100% safe and humane. The amount of electricity sent to the dog’s neck is minimal and set not to cause harm.

5. Are there alternatives available in the market apart from electrical stimulation?

Yes, there are. Some manufacturers will add vibration or audible tone. Others will also incorporate whistles and training clickers to improve on training.

The Final Words (Summary)

Dog shock collars have become the best training devices that owners can finally use to train their dogs. From basic commands like sit and stay to advanced commands like tracking prey, ecollars can help with this. 

According to the best dog shock collar reviews, there are many concerns you need to consider when ordering a dog shock collar. You can never go wrong when you invest in a reputable brand as it comes with useful packages like training manual and DVD, long range, lifetime product replacement warranty and they are waterproof. You don’t have to keep up with your pet dog disobedience, train him or her with an ecollar today.

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